• G. C. Akujobi-Emetuche
  • O.F. Joel
  • F.O. Chukwuma
  • E.N. Wami
Keywords: pumping, pressure, delivery, quality assurance, parameters.


One of the Federal Government mandates on the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is to make petroleum products available in all parts of the nation. One of the pump stations set aside to accomplish this obligation is the Port Harcourt Area Systems 2E and 2EX pump Station nearly written off due to perceived low efficiency. The aim is to certify the newly and locally developed quality assurance protocol formula using the current real time pumping parameters. The objective of this work was to establish the relationship between data used for the formulation of the previous rule of thumb and current field data irrespective of the pump used and product type being moved. The previous rule of thumb confirmed optimum operating pressure and flow rate as 26.8 bar and 240 m3/hr respectively, against the over 30 years designed parameters. This rule can be used to predict the pressure drop in fluid flow through the referenced pipeline. The result showed 0.01% deviation from the original work. This is evidence that the formula can still be used to authenticate the efficiency of the pipeline with assured product delivery and distribution.

Author Biographies

G. C. Akujobi-Emetuche

NPSC/PPMC-NNPC, Alesa-Eleme.

O.F. Joel

Centre for Oil field Research, World Bank African Centre of Excellence, University of Port Harcourt Choba, Nigeria.

F.O. Chukwuma

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Nigeria.

E.N. Wami

Departement of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.